About the Author of “When Every Day Matters”

Mary Jane Hurley Brant

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Mary Jane Hurley Brant, M.S., CGP is a certified group psychotherapist. For 37 years she has worked as a Human Relations Counselor with a concentration in Jungian studies and depth psychology.  MJ is also a Certified Leader of Simple Abundance Seminars and Workshops.  Throughout her long career, MJ has worked with hundreds of individuals, couples and groups to bring a deeper understanding and meaning into their lives.  She has also worked over two decades with hospice patients who while dying have taught her much about the meaning of life.

MJ believes her spiritual calling is helping people live with great courage, define and discover their true and loving spirits. Living an authentic life and finding ways to have fun are her daily personal goals. MJ’s has a private practice in Bryn Mawr, PA and South Jersey.  She is also available for consultation by phone at 610-504-8739. e-mail is maryjanebrant@gmail.com Her memoir When Every Day Matters: A Mother’s Memoir on Love, Loss and Life was published October 1, 2008 by Simple Abundance Press. She asks for your prayers that her book reaches people needing comfort, peace and hope once more.